Martin Campetta

Motivated hardware and software R&D engineer with a wide skill set and sizable technical knowledge base.

A team player with the ability to function independently, who offers ingenuity and strong critical thinking skills. Responds to on-the-job challenges with confidence, determination, and focus.

Several years of related experience with a passion for technology. Values integrity, excellence, and lifelong learning.


Mobile Research

Research and pioneer innovative recovery procedures for Apple devices, leading to the recent development of “iBackup” an all in one data recovery tool for iOS devices and a “Modified IPSW Library” which have been integral for iOS data recovery of devices with system area corruption allowing Ontrack to load a customized variant of Apples filesystem.

Mobile Apps

Proficient in Xcode and Eclipse having already published apps to the Google Play store and Apple Apps store. Also able to put together responsive mobile websites that can serve as cross-compatible applications using CSS, Java, and Node.js

Data Recovery & Forensics

Experienced in data recovery and forensics from one of the most technologically advanced data recovery rooms in the industry. An ISO class 100 certified clean room performing recoveries on hard drives, flash memory, smartphones, tablets, and embedded systems.

Software Development

Works in an agile software development team in a variety of languages and platforms to perform automation of tasks. Familiar with C++, PHP, Python, Autohotkey, and Java. Use Konbon to track projects and manage GIT to push code to production on multi-developer projects.

Data Recovery Electronics Repair

Electronics Training